Revealed Satyam global strategy

In keeping with the changing global business landscape, Satyam Computer Services is realigning its client partnership strategy to substantially narrow the gap that exists between the company and global IT majors.

The company is renewing its focus on relationship management and domain competence by bringing on board senior level management with sufficient experience in varied verticals.

Speaking to The Economic Times , Satyam’s president for commercial and healthcare business Ram Mynampati said the next 2 to 3 years is a period of opportunity for Satyam to emerge as one of the major global solutions player. To achieve the goal, the company will continue to invest in its core competence and service the strategic partnership objective of the global customer base across 45 countries, he said.

The company has ramped up its strength of senior level management by hiring experienced domain experts as principal relationship managers for global clients for all its verticals. Typically, each vertical would have two or more such relationship principals. Such relationship management experts have been deployed across Satyam’s global operations, who guide the company’s growth strategy besides maintaining relationships with clients.

“We believe that by renewed focus on relationship management and domain competence, we can substantially narrow the gap that exists between Satyam and the global majors today. This focus, added to the services maturity and the global foot print of Satyam, can make us a truly global player capable of building strategic partnerships