TAKE ACTION: Tell John Boehner that the GOP's anti-woman agenda is unacceptable

John Boehner’s GOP has introduced a bill that would be incredibly harmful to women and their families by limiting their access to abortion and overall reproductive health care. They may have changed some language in H.R. 3, but their anti-woman agenda is still the same: restrict women’s rights and choices on all fronts.

Make no mistake: Boehner and the GOP will continue to wage battle against women in this country. First, they tried to take away our health care. Then they tried to redefine rape for their own cruel purposes. Now, they are still pushing a bill that would have dreadful consequences for women and their families by infringing upon their right to choose and access to essential reproductive health care.

Speak up: tell John Boehner that the GOP’s anti-woman agenda is unacceptable.

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